Sweepstakes And Contests By Month

If you are a veteran at entering sweepstakes and contests, you already know they're cyclical — running on a holiday schedule throughout the year. For those unacquainted with contests and giveaways, here's a basic rundown on how the sweepstakes and contests schedule looks by the month.

Sweepstakes Management And Judging Agencies

Judging agencies run the contests and pick the winner. Here's info on how you can deal with them if you have questions on how the sweepstakes is being run.

Contests vs. Sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes are two very different things. Do you know how to enter a contest? Your odds are better for several reasons with contests

Raffles & Lotteries vs. Sweepstakes Promotions

There is a big difference between a contest, a sweepstakes, lottery and a raffle. Do you know what they are?