Tips On Taxes And Sweepstakes Wins

Tax season is upon us, making this a good time to pass along relevant information about sweepstakes prize wins and taxes. Most of this information is targeted to US residents. Canadian sweepstakers abide by different laws, and I’ll give a few details on that as well. All sweepstakes wins are...

5 Secrets To Winning Recipe Contests

Entering contests is one of the best ways to increase your odds of winning a prize. For the uninitiated, a contest is very different from a sweepstakes because you are compelled to perform a task in order to enter. It may be a random draw, but you must enter a photo, essay, recipe or whatever the sponsor...

Company Sweepstakes Promotion

Sweepstakes and contests are good ways to promote a small business. If you have decided to run a sweepstakes or contest, it's good to know how to get the word out about your sweepstakes promotion.

Online Sweepstakes Rules

People who run sweepstakes (and enter them) sometimes ask why online sweepstakes rules are so important. Running sweepstakes and contests seems simple enough: Offer a prize, accept entries and then pick a winner. Is that enough? Not really.
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