Tips On Taxes And Sweepstakes Wins

Tax season is upon us, making this a good time to pass along relevant information about sweepstakes prize wins and taxes. Most of this information is targeted to US residents. Canadian sweepstakers abide by different laws, and I’ll give a few details on that as well. All sweepstakes wins are...

Is There Such a Thing as Sweepstakes And Contests Addiction?

The urge to constantly enter sweepstakes and contests is a compulsion that some people fall prey to. If you begin framing most situations in life around entering and winning, you are obviously hooked.

How To Spot Sweepstakes Scams

Your giveaway dream win can quickly turn into a major hassle if the email announcing you were a winner was actually one of the many sweepstakes scams trying targeting the gullible. Providing your private info to the scammers compounds the problem, and this is technically being “phished,” a victim of identity theft.

Kids Sweepstakes

Many kids sweepstakes are Disney trip and product giveaways, and others promoted by cable TV channels such as Nickelodeon. Kids can win contests promoting vacations for the whole family, toys, free product coupons, gaming systems like Playstation, computers and even time at summer camp.
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