How Sweepstakes Administrators Should Notify Winners

Let’s say you’re running your own sweepstakes or contest, and you’ve picked a winner. Now what? You’ve got to notify the lucky winner, and hopefully get a response in case you need shipping info or whatever. Most sweepstakes administrators prefer to notify winners using email. If you...

Twitter Sweepstakes Rules

Twitter sweepstakes rules are almost the same as regular sweepstakes, yet lots of people avoid Twitter sweepstakes and contests. This makes the odds of winning better for you.

Entering Sweepstakes For Instant Cash?

Many people who enter sweepstakes and contests do so in the hope they can win instant cash and help put an end to a money problem. While the number of cash giveaways are abundant, entering sweepstakes with the expectation of ending money problems is unrealistic.

Online Sweepstakes Rules

People who run sweepstakes (and enter them) sometimes ask why online sweepstakes rules are so important. Running sweepstakes and contests seems simple enough: Offer a prize, accept entries and then pick a winner. Is that enough? Not really.
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